Book of the Month 2015

Your power is only a theory until it is demonstrated

By John Randolph Price

Of all the many teachers and teachings I have followed over many years, I still feel that John Randolph Price was the one who first opened some very important doors for me ; doors of perception, insight and understanding. It must be at least 25 years ago that I came across his teachings and the organisation he set up called The Quartus Foundation. It made a lasting impact. The other day, I picked this book off my bookshelf and started to read it once more. It means so much more to me now as my own understanding has increased. The book holds some amazing gems of wisdom.  If you are non-Christian, do not be put off. He does seem to use a lot of Christian terminology, but you can read it from the point of view of perennial philosophy. There is a truth that runs through all belief systems and here it is.

In this book you will find the author’s particular way of discussing such topics as the right use of affirmations and spiritual treatments….the benefits and techniques of meditation…….co-creating with Spirit….becoming spiritually centered…….altering your belief system to eliminate fear………..establishing the bridge between mind and heart…….speaking the Word and visualizing creatively……spiritual Guides and guidance… ..the 12 initiations required for mastery…plus answers to questions about karma, chemicalization, subconscious programming, demonstrating prosperity, the Council of Masters, time of death, the Will of God, absent healing , and the souls of pets.

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