Dynamic Ageless You (Copy)


New Revised edition 2019


Are you frightened of aging? The belief in growing old & aging is one of the biggest limiting factors in our lives. There is an alternative. Change your beliefs & you change your biology. Give yourself a FAITH-LIFT. Combining ancient wisdom & modern science, we now have the understanding, the information & the tools to live longer, fully functioning lives. Science today is what miracles were to our ancestors. A shift in our beliefs can extend our life span & revolutionise our ideas about aging. We live in a field of energy: the ‘stuff’ of which our reality is comprised. Just as an observer in an experiment will influence the experiment, we influence the field around us. science has discovered that human DNA affects the field in ways that seem to defy logic. Just as DNA affects the field, our thoughts affect DNA. So, our beliefs affect our DNA and our DNA affects the field. Our beliefs hold the key to our power to change our biology.

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