Book of the Month 2015

A Scientific Breakthrough in Personal Change

By Chris Walton MSc

In Gamma Healing, you will learn how to create the peak brain state – the Gamma State – to activate the genius and positive emotion centres of your brain. You will be guided to the life you want but as yet have not achieved. Your level of confidence, health, wealth. happiness and success is a direct reflection of your beliefs and emotional reactions buried in your subconscious mind. Using scientifically validated Gamma Belief Change Technique (c) . The Gamma Brain Technique(c) and The Emotional Balance Technique(c), you will..

  • *Remove subconscious limiting beliefs and blocks to success
  • * Reprogram your subconscious mind to reach new levels of goal achievement
  • * Eliminate emotional distress-worry, fear, anxiety and doubt
  • * Increase the positive emotion centres of your brain and achieve real happiness
  • * Access the deepest parts of your mind to find solutions to your problems
  • * Awaken your transpersonal self and unleash new levels of potential.

If you are ready to create the life you want , then reading this book may be the most timely and important decision you make.

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