Book of the Month 2015

The New York Times bestseller

The Art of Living Your Dreams

By Mike Dooley

Manifesting our dreams isn’t about hard work- -it’s about belief, expectation, and, above all, knowing the truth about our place in the universe. Mike Dooley’s manifesto, Infinite Possibilities, is a fresh and inspiring look at how each of us can turn within to discover our true purpose and ignite our imagination and desires.

We are spiritual beings filled with infinite potential- adventuring through a field of possibilities, creating our own reality, our own fate, and our own luck. Once you learn to open your heart and mind, thinking far beyond what spirituality has traditionally meant, it becomes evident that life itself is the ultimate journey.

A profound exploration into the mysteries of the universe, Infinite Possibilities opens windows , doors and unexpected pathways to a bold and fulfilling way of living. Prepare to be astounded and challenged by Mike Dooley’s guide to living the life of your dreams – -purposfully, lovingly, brilliantly.


This book has had amazing reviews by such noteable teachers as Anthony Robbins, Neale Donald Walsch and James Van Praagh.

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