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For Lunar New Year
Equilibrium Natural Health Centre. Corsham

01225 696899

Friday Feb. 8th 2019

. 7-9.30


Revered throughout Asia , Kwan Yin is the bodhisattva of Compassion.

Also known as Kuan Yin, Quan Yin, Quan Am, Gwun Yam and Kannon depending on language and dialect. She is the feminine aspect of The Creator.

When called upon, she bestows her help, healing and mercy to all who ask.

Acushla has been seeing her and working with her for many years.

During this Kwan Yin evening you will experience:

*’Stairway to Heaven’ chakra chant to raise energies

* Messages from Kwan Yin channelled by Acushla for the collective and for individuals. She will get to as many people as time permits.

* ‘Meditation of Heavenly Illumination’.
Healing Light downloaded from Kwan Yin. This meditation has powerful healing properties

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