In Resilience from the Heart, bestselling author and visionary Gregg Braden identifies the keys to thrive in life’s extremes. Drawing upon his expertise in leading-edge science and wisdom traditions of the past, he shares practical strategies for embracing big change in a healthy way.

This compelling book gets to the heart of the fundamental question you have no doubt asked yourself in the face of the complexities and challenges of the modern world: how do I make everyday life better for myself and my family? Through his skilful synthesis of easy-to-understand science and real-life circumstances, Gregg uniquely provides the answer, describing:
*The simple strategies of heart-based resilience that you can learn and use immediately for optimal health in our evolving world
*The five must-have qualities for your own resilience in life
*The three global cycles that are transforming your personal career, finances and lifestyle.
*A ready-to-use template of resilient living for your family and community………..and much more!

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