There is no such thing as job security. It doesn’t exist anymore. The workplace has changed and is in constant flux. All over the world there is an increasing silent exodus going on within companies across multiple industries, yet there is one demographic that is being significantly impacted–the 50 to 60-year-old employee. Companies are downsizing and making employees redundant on a regular basis and most would think, oh well, those people will just look for a new job. For someone in their thirties and forties, finding a new job might not be a big issue. Yet, losing your job as a 50 or 60-something individual brings with it a host of major issues that can have both an immediate and long-term impact on your financial well-being and that of your immediate family.

The 50-60 Something Start-up Entrepreneur: How to Quickly Start and Run a Success Small Business offers a concrete, step-by-step process that will show you exactly how to start and run your own business using the Entrepreneur Path Framework. Wigglesworth has taken the guess work out of what to do, where and how to begin as an entrepreneur from product to pricing and promotion to topics on the use of technology, understanding the sales process and how to overcome overwhelm.

Inside you will learn: • Explore how to find a product or service to sell by identifying the pains, problems or needs of the market • Determine the exact target market (person) that is experiencing the pain, problem or has a need • Discover what product or service solution or system to offer based on your area of expertise or knowledge of a craft or hobby • Develop a brand perception for your product or service that draws consumers to you like honey • Review the competition’s strengths and weaknesses to establish your ideal positioning in the marketplace • How to establish your consulting fee or price structure that leads to a profitable business • Create your product or service marketing strategy using a variety of marketing tactics based on your objective, budget and timeline • Uncover the secret to save time, save money and save human resources when you embrace technology as your new best friend • Overcome being overwhelmed as a new business owner with tips, tools and techniques to support your new venture.

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