Billy Fingers

The Afterlife of Billy Fingers


How my bad-Boy brother Proved to Me There’s Life After death

By Annie Kagan

A few weeks after his death, William Cohen, aka Billy Fingers, woke his sister Annie at dawn. ” I’m drifting weightlessly through these glorious stars and galaxies and |I feel a Divine Presence, a kind, loving, beneficent presence, twinkling all around me.”

Billy’s ongoing after-death communications take his sister on an unprecedented journey into the bliss and wonder of life beyond death. Billy’s profound, detailed description of the mystical realms he traverses, the Beings of Light that await him, and the wisdom he receives, take the reader beyond the near-death experience. Billy is, indeed, as Dr. Raymond Moody points out in his foreword, explainging the phenomena we’ve known about since ancient times, an afterworld walker.

A fascinating page-turner filled with wisdom, humour and hope, this book will forever change your views about life, death and the hereafter.

Well worth a read.


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