Awakening to our Cosmic Heritage

By Mary Rodwell

Families, children and adults share their stories of encounters with non-human intelligences and their understanding of an intimate connection genetically. Are non -human intelligences assisting humanity to evolve into a new aware species?. Exponential increase in indigos’ ADHD, Dyslexia,Asbergers and Autism, are they New programs for humanity?

MARY RODWELL is a former nurse/midwife, counseller, clinical hypnotherapist and Reiki Master. She is a co-founder of the Edgar Mitchell Foundation For Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters (FREE). Throughout her career she has worked with over 3,000 cases of encounters with non-human intelligences.

ROBERT DAVIS, PhD Neuroscience says “She presents some of the most fascinating individual cases ever published on this topic, which should give second thoughts to even the most hardened sceptic. Her scholarly examination of the evidence provides and thought-provoking and required foundation to help better understand the nature of our reality within a multideminsional universe”.

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