Your Soul Is Calling: Healing Our Ego Addiction


Your Soul Is Calling introduces the Energy Model of the Omniverse comprised of innumerable multi-universes plus the infinite energy within it. The Energy Realm is Reality. The physical realm which egos call the real world is an illusory creation of our egos who are addicted to the apparent but false reality they have created.
The book also defines ego addiction and describes the rampant forms of it existing everywhere in this ego-created physical illusion, causing pain and suffering for most people.
The suggested solution for healing this ego-created disease is a dedicated ongoing participation in a Twelve-Step Fellowship coupled with application of the principles of New Thought philosophies, such as The Science of Mind (which is not in any way related to Scientology), based on the ever-Present existence of an All-Knowing, Infinitely Loving, Benevolent Power greater than ourselves within each of our Souls to whom our egos will voluntarily surrender.

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