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This meditation can be life changing. I use it a lot on my courses and retreats, but this is the first time I have recorded it.

The feedback I have had is tremendous. One man said it cured his depression, several people have said it enhances their psychic powers.   For myself, I know it has helped me to remain very centred. It also has great healing properties.

Sound is very , very powerful. We are made of energy and when exposed to positive vibrations of sound, all the molecules and atoms of our physical body respond. Our mind and our spirit become still and tuned to higher frequencies.

Our own body is a tuning fork , so as we chant we receive enormous benefits from the sound as it penetrates every fibre of our being and it reaches out into our aura.

If you are familiar with the chakras , be aware of the colour of that particular chakra as you chant the sound.  I find that as I reach the higher charkas, I can almost hear celestial voices respond and join in with me.

The chant of the sound AH for the heart is very healing and can be used on its own to send love and healing to others.


1 review for CHAKRA CHANTING MEDITATION (£2 Admin)

  1. ysanne lewis

    The power of sound is so important and this meditation came at the right time for me in my wotk and personal life. I highly recommend this experience

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