Angel Whispers

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Some years ago,  as Anne/Acushla was baby sitting her grandsons, and while they were busy with a game of basketball, she heard a voice whisper to her that she had to write down what they were about to tell her.

She took a pencil and paper there and then and wrote down the beautiful and wise words give her by the angels. She knows that the wisdom contained in their words could not have come from herself, nor with such speed and clarity.

These Angelic Whispers have a depth and wisdom when pondered upon. You can use them as a guide to help you in your daily life. Hold a question in your mind and then open a page to see what the angels have to say.

Acushla invited her clients to submit pictures for the book illustrations. Each one is individual and reflects the artists own soul.

8 reviews for Angel Whispers

  1. Tracey gore

    Oh wonderful and well illustrated book many thanks and what a wonderful price

  2. Lilly

    A simply wonderful and beautifully illustrated book . I keep it with me always . thank you !

  3. Hugh Trethowan

    Thank you for passing on the wisdom of the heavens, Anne.

  4. Joanna O’Brien

    I love all of the books for the wisdom and huge sense of warmth that comes through. This one particularly resonated with me, the author seems to have an open line of communication to these wonderful beings and this book is a must. Extremely value for money, I found immense strength from the authors words.

  5. Ysanne Lewis

    I come back to this special book time and again- its wisdom and relevance to our every day life help me. Beautifully written and should be kept by the bedside to look at last thing at night and in the morning!
    Ysanne Lewis, Surrey, UK

  6. Karina Fogh Holmkjær

    Sometimes I have a tendency to forget my spirituality in all the stress of everyday life. This book has become a simple – but precious tool to remind me of how much more I am – and of how much help I get every day. Before closing my eyes at night I just open the book on a random page and read the words of wisdom from the angels – and on that note, I fall asleep embraced by angels’ whispers.

  7. Sheryl Feniger

    Anne is wise, warm and compassionate and this comes through in her writing ……. this book is a beautiful guide to remind us who we truly are. Thank you Anne.

  8. Jen Gay

    This is beautiful book, I use it when I need a little divine inspiration, flick through and let it fall open where it will and the message is always relevant. Delightful illustrations too, warm cosy heartfelt book. 5 stars easily

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