Reading Your Child’s Hand: Discover Your Child’s Talents and Abilities

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What parent wouldn’t want to know more about his or her child’s gifts and talents in order to make more informed choices about school subjects? Or to learn about potential weaknesses so that they could be overcome early on? Or to steer a child towards a career that will be fulfilling and lucrative? All this and more can be discovered by understanding what’s written on a child’s palm. Palmistry provides parents with the means to be better informed and more effective. By learning to read their child’s palm, for example, parents can identify and nurture talents, anticipate and control anti-social characteristics, encourage leadership qualities and appreciate a quickness to learn or a tendency to procrastinate! And it’s not hard to acquire these skills using this fully illustrated and intriguing guide! Here, parents will learn to read the important lines and shapes that impact on personality and potential and see how to use this information to become more sympathetic to, and knowledgeable about their child.

4 reviews for Reading Your Child’s Hand: Discover Your Child’s Talents and Abilities

  1. Tracey gore

    I have found this book inspiring and well written and very informative

  2. Ysanne Lewis

    What a gem of a book! Insightful and informative. I love the clarity of the writing and the author’s very obvious knowledge of her subject. A must as a tool and help for understanding children in their growing years. There has been a gap in the market for a book this valuable , so thank you!
    Ysanne Lewis, Writer, Astrologer /Timing consultant, Surrey, UK.

  3. Karina Fogh Holmkjær

    I love this easy guide book to learn about my child – and about me. THANK you! Great present for Christenings or baby showers.

  4. Jen Gay

    Informative and fascinating , this is an excellent guide not just to figure out your child’s hand but your own. Easy to follow and a lovely read , definatly highly recommend.

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