Financial Abundance Meditation (£2.50)

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Are you worried about money? Do you struggle to make ends meet? Would you like to be able to have enough money to live comfortably and have enough to spare and share?

You’ve heard of The Law of Attraction. We know that our thoughts create our reality. So by changing our thinking around Financial Abundance, we can actually attract it into our lives. But so often we have deep subconscious programmes and thoughts about our unworthiness in this area. These deeply ingrained negative beliefs stop us from having a life of success and prosperity.

This meditation is created to help you to release all those old negative programmes that are holding you back. And contains a series of positive affirmations around your worthiness to have financial abundance in your life. Play this meditation nightly for 28 days and watch your life change.



3 reviews for Financial Abundance Meditation (£2.50)

  1. Claire (verified owner)

    Such a beautiful and empowering meditation, serving to remind us of our divine birthright: abundance. Of love, friendship, money and opportunities.

    I AM worthy.

    Thank you so much Anne/Acushla

  2. Yanni

    Abjndance thanks for sharing

  3. ysanne lewis

    On listening to this meditation ovrr several days i realise my attitude and openess to receiving financial abundance has changed beautifully. So happy. Thank you

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