The Power of Saying F** It

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You’ve spent years”working on yourself”. You’ve had all the therapies, been on the motivational workshops, listened to the tapes, read all the self help books and made affirmations till you’re blue in the face….. and you’re still not there?? There is an easier way. Relax. Try the good old Anglo-Saxon expletive…..just say “F**k it” and let it go! Find a Source of Power greater than yourself to tap into. Surrender; wait for the magic. This book shows you how.

6 reviews for The Power of Saying F** It

  1. Bindi

    This is a superb book! Anne’s easy, conversational style shines through on every page. There are many gems of wisdom and I laughed out loud as I turned the pages. I have already recommended this easy read to others. An easy 5 stars in my opinion.
    Bindi, Trowbridge,

  2. Hugh Trethowan

    What a good writer Anne is: Clear, persuasive and always with an interesting point of view.

  3. Ysanne Lewis

    Acushla’s books are always so uplifting and encompass authentic spirituality. This one is no exception even when dealing with the ‘F’ word she takes it to a new level where surrendering and letting God have a helping hand reside. Empowering, and a great read.
    Ysanne Lewis, Astrologer, writer and Timing consultant, Surrey, Uk

  4. Karina Fogh Holmkjær

    Want to get to know Anne? You can sense Anne’s life wisdom in every sentence of this empowering and inspiring easy to read book.

  5. Sheryl Feniger

    Well the title get’s you doesn’t it? This book helps you to let go of what you’ve been holding on to and surrender to where you’re being taken in life, understanding God (or whatever you would like to call him) is there. Practical everyday wisdom!

  6. Jen Gay

    This is a favourite of mine , funny , wise and brilliant at helping me let go and get out of my own way. The author’s voice comes through beautifully. Buy this one and enjoy!

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