The Law of Radiance: Before and Essential to The Law of Attraction


“To attract, we must first radiate. To radiate, we must be aware of who we truly are”.In today’s modern, hectic world, the ego has taken centre stage. We focus on getting rather than giving; we worship the physical; we’ve forgotten our true origins. We’ve misplaced our consciousness, our beingness. But these things are not lost. They are within us—they are us. We just need to remember how to connect with them. Written by spiritual expert Anne M Hassett, Law of Radiance guides you through the process of rediscovering your inner self and recognising the strength and impact of your thoughts, feelings and emotions. It’s a timely reminder that we all have huge power within ourselves to heal, to radiate and attract love, and to channel our inner Source for good.Our true self is never gone. We can always be more than we think we are. And in recognising that, we stand on the threshold of a golden era.


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