Discover the Innate Potential of Children: … and they will love you




Wouldn’t you love to find a way to really understand and help your child ?

There is a way………nature has provided it. It is in the fingerprint patterns and marks on the hand.


Modern fingerprint and hand analysis is based on scientific facts and on 50 years empirical experience and offers deep insight into the character, potential and challenge of every individual.


Fingerprints are completely formed in the fourth month of pregnancy and remain the same over the entire course of our lives.


Analysis of the hands and fingerprints allows early detection of basic character traits which will be reflected in behaviour patterns. Fingerprints are independent of hereditary factors and of gender, culture and age.


The knowledge and understanding of the information in this book is a must for all parents and other caregivers such as teachers, therapists , doctors and all those involved in the care, nurturing and upbringing of children.


Armed with the knowledge contained in this book, you will be able to assess and stimulate your child’s character, skills, talents and abilities. And by being aware of their shortcomings you will be able to help the child to overcome or work with their  unique challenges.  And to maximise their strengths and talents.

This is a book that no parent, caregiver or teacher should be without.

 Our children are the future of mankind.


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